What You Need To Know About the Cost of Hair Transplant in Malaysia

Hair Transplant Cost

Hair loss can be seen in men at age 35 and above. Hair loss can cause a negative impact on your mind and some people can go to depression. There is often a misconception that hair laser treatment has side effects and so costly. I can clearly state that hair loss does not have any impact on the health of the being. As far as cost is concerned, it varies from country to country, clinic to clinic, and procedure to procedure. But one thing is for sure, any money spent on hair transplant is worth every penny if it shows positive results.


Here are a few factors that sum up the cost of hair transplant in Malaysia. 



In any field where competition is high among the competitors, the cost drops. Similarly, in the hair transplant industry, high competition can result in a low cost of the procedure. Luckily if you’re in Malaysia, the cost of hair transplant is low as compared to the rest of the world. And its main reason is also high competition as Malaysia is among the top medical tourism destinations in Asia.


Operating Cost  

Operating cost is a leading factor in determining the total cost of hair transplant in Malaysia. There is a very low cost to operate clinics in Malaysia as compared to other countries like Australia and New Zealand. The cost of hair transplant in Malaysia is almost 60% less than these countries. 


Amount of hair

The price of hair transplant also depends largely on the amount of hair you want to be transplanted. It is quite obvious that if you need more hair to be transplanted, the cost will be high and fewer hair transplant procedures will result in less cost.


Procedure opted

There are two types of main procedures that are opted for hair transplantation in Malaysia. 


1). Surgical Hair Transplant

2). Non-Surgical hair transplant 


Surgical hair transplant costs more than the non-surgical one. Non-surgical procedures mainly depend upon the size, density, and length of the hair to be replaced.


Final Thoughts

As it is evident from the factors mentioned above that the cost of hair transplant in Malaysia is low as compared to other countries. Even high-profile clinics in Malaysia charges less. So the only thing to consider here is that you select a top-notch and reliable clinic for the procedure. The clinic should have the necessary equipment and expertise to perform safe hair transplants. You can see online reviews to see the information regarding the top clinics and you can see before and after images to select the clinic which suits you the best. Happy Hunting!!

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