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Only a handful of surgeons who perform very good, state of the art surgery and who utilise the right hairs in the right place, Dr Ruz is one of them.​

Genetic Alopecia causing baldness in 50% of Man and 40% of Woman. This condition leads to anxiety and depression to man and especially in woman. Their perception on the baldness determines the severity of the psycho-social impact. 

Dr Ruz Hair Transplant help to restore their self-esteem and regain their confidence by providing Medically proven Hair Restoration Treatment including oral medicine, topical medicine, Low Level Laser Therapy, FUE Hair Transplant and other treatment according to hair condition.

dr ruz hair transplant senyum berambut kecik
Hair Loss Scale Malaysia

The most common and the oldest staging and classification of Androgenetic Alopecia is Norwood Hamilton Classification for Male and Ludwig Classification for Female. 

Dr. Ruz use his own modification of Alvi Armani Classification to make it more comprehensive and easily understandable by public.


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Hair Consultation & Examination

Doctor will take your personal and family history and then do physical examination to determine the correct diagnosis and cause of the baldness and hairloss. Further investigation like blood test and skin biopsy may be needed for the diagnosis. Then discussion about the best treatment available wil be conducted.

Medical Treatment

Medical treatment for Hairloss and baldness varies according to cause of the hairloss. The treatment may include Tablet, Topical treatment such as MInoxidil spray, antibiotic cream, Injections, shampoos, and also supplements to increase the healthiness of hair.

Laser therapy

Laser therapy on the scalp is one of modalities in treating hair thinning and prevent from baldness. It uses diod laser emitting 785nm or 830nm wavelength that clinically proven to stimulate hair growth.


Is a short name for Platelet Rich Plasma, in which extracting platelet from your own blood in which is high of growth factors that will help hair growth and health condition of your hair. 

Minimally Invasive Hair Transplant and Restoration

MInimally Restoration for Hair Restoration

Is the only treatment that able to grow hair in a place where the hair is already dead, and empty and no more hair left. The procedure is done by taking a healthy hair from a place by a procedure called harvesting or extraction. This procedure is done by FUT or FUE method, then the harvested hair is planted in the area that is needed, to grow hair.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant Malaysia

Baldness over the scalp can be embarrassing for some people and it can make a person loss their confidence and causing low self esteem. This is the only means of permanent hair restoration in androgenetic alopecia and also scaring Alpecia if the hairloss is caused by traumatic scar over the scalp.

Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow Transplant Malaysia

Some people experienced loss of their eyebrow due to various reason. This leads to loss of confidence, embarrassment and low self esteem to those who experience the condition. Some of the eyebrow  may regrow if the condition is still reversible, and some may permanently empty as the eyebrow may have permanently gone. Once it has permanently empty, the only way to permanently grow natural hair over the eyebrow is Eyebrow Transplant.

Beard Transplant

Beard Transplant Malaysia

Some people may experienced asymmetric beard, or experienced scarring over the beard causing asymmetric beard. This condition can be reversed by doing beard transplant to make it symmetrical and restoring confidence and self esteem.

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About Dr. Ruz

dr ruz hair transplant senyum berambut kecik

Dr. Ruz started practicing medicine since he graduated from medical school in 2005. He practices in various departments in government hospitals obtaining experience and skills that is inimitable worth and unique to himself. This include Medicine, Surgery, Obstetric and Gynaecology, Paediatric, Orthopedic, Emergency Medicine, and he long trained for Transfusion Medicine and Pathology which include Histopathology, Haematopathology, Chemical Pathology, and Forensic Pathology.

He then ventured into private practice where he acquire skills in General Practice before he venture into Aesthetic Medicine and Hair Restoration Medicine. In Hair Restoration, he trained directly under Dr Shaharom Sulaiman in Dr Shah Clinic of DRS Medical Group in SS15 Subang Jaya for 4 years.

He is now practicing independently and delivering Hair Restoration services and Hair Transplant in Natural Inter-Hair Restoration Center.

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dr ruz hair transplant senyum berambut kecik

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